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*Picking Out the Right Board For Your Rider

Keeping in mind that the dog can get hurt its best to try to pick out the best board. The Best board to get is the flatest board you can find. You dont want one that curves up at both ends because its more prone to flip up when your Bulldog goes to get on it or use it.

*Getting Your Bulldog Acustom to his/her Skateboard (IN DOORS)

To get your Bulldog used to his/her board the best thing to do is to put their board in the Bulldogs living space or where the Bulldog likes to lay in your house. By putting the board on something that wont allow it to move like a thick rug or a big blanket were your Bulldogs likes to lay and keeping it stable it will let the dog put his paws or sit on the board and feel more comfterable. Other things that might help out with his/her 
training is to offer the Bulldog treat or lot of " atta boy/girl". You want your Bulldog to know its doing really good by getting on or even touching the skateboard. 

*Taking It Outside

Once your Bulldog is touching and getting on his/her board without having to encourage him/her so much its time to take it outside, but dont go to the concrete just yet! Take the skateboard and set it in the grass and try to get your Bulldog on the board by offering a treat and using the same command you were using when you were in the house (try to alway use the same command) and alway give him/her a treat when they touch the board or gets on it. Now that the board is on the grass it should move around a little. This step will take sometime till your Bulldog gets used to the board moving around.This may take sometime but when your Bulldog is showing he is comfterable putting his/her paws on the board its time to hold the treat just out of reach so that your Bulldogs has to push the board to get their treat.You want to tell your Bulldog to "push" the skateboard to reach it. You can not expect your Bulldog to start riding the board around the grass right away so give him a treat even for the smallest push or effort to push the board. This lets your Bulldog know what your asking of him/her. Once your Bulldog starts to get it you can start to move the treat further and further to  get your Bulldog to push the board more to reach it.

*Time to Hit the Pavement 

Do not move onto this step till your Bulldog shows a lot of progress on the grass. Find a even surface for this step and if at all possible do it in your backyard. (just to limit the area some) The chance of your Bulldog getting hurt are possible now so you need to stay very close. The movment of the skateboard is going to be much different now, you dont want to push or force your Bulldog to ride the board, You want him/her to be comfterable with it and having fun at all times. Always 
remember to use your commands and reward your Bulldog with treats and love (even for the small pushes or the short rides) Before you know it your Bulldog will be a skater.

These are just some simple basic ways to get started. If you notice your Bulldog is having trouble on a step make a simple change to what you think or notice might work for your Bulldog.Just like people the samething doesnt work for everybody but always remember to keep it fun and enjoyable for your Bulldog. 
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